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About the National Chicken Council

About the National Chicken Council National Chicken Council logo

The National Chicken Council represents the companies that produce, process and market chickens and chicken products in the United States. Our member companies account for nearly 95 percent of the chicken sold in the country.

NCC was founded in 1954 as the National Broiler Council. It operated under that name until January 1, 1999, when the name was changed to National Chicken Council. Our office is in Washington, D.C.

The National Chicken Council conducts a number of programs designed to promote the consumption of chicken by people in the United States. One of which is National Chicken Month in September, we partner with companies who make companion products that can be used in preparing healthy chicken dishes.

The National Chicken Council's primary purpose is to represent the interests of the chicken industry. The staff of NCC keeps its members informed on legislative and regulatory developments; communicates the views and concerns of the industry to government officials; and works to improve the direction and outcome of government programs and regulations that have an impact on the chicken industry.

NCC also provides information, research, and assistance on an individual basis to its member companies (with emphasis on poultry inspection and other regulatory programs), conducts industry surveys and economic research. In addition, the council conducts programs to address food safety and worker safety and health.